Perfect To Do List Tips

simplify your tasks


by Susan

21 March 2017

Productive people are used to daily to do lists that are the key to their success. Due to the large variety of the task messengers and applications, the to do list carries a risk of getting too complicated and cluttering. Want to know how to make it simple and effective? Let us find out!

How to Get More Things Done

Sometimes, we spend much time planning our to do list instead of doing things. So it is high time to change that. It is believed that a person should bear in mind everything he or she has to do. However, for the sake of work productivity, we insist that it is useful to have lists as they make a perfect backup plan. If all the tasks are written, a person has a feeling of confidence. Thus, he/she can easily move to the next task once they have finished the first one, and they will never forget anything.

Choose the App

One of the most popular productivity methods is using applications. You should choose one according to your preferences. Make sure that your app is easy to use and you understand its functions.

Add Tasks and Organize Them

  • Write down your tasks and manage them in terms of time and urgency.
  • If you have big projects, divide them into smaller tasks.
  • Before doing the task, take a look at the links, phone numbers, contacts, etc.
  • Split your tasks into categories, such as personal, work, other tasks. It will help you to quickly find anything you need in your task messenger.
  • Add a tag to your projects in your to-do lists.
  • Set priority to your tasks so you can see which are more urgent and plan your time accordingly.
  • Make shortlists; it will help you focus on the tasks at hand and not get overwhelmed.
  • Take things off the list as soon as you finish them.
  • Try not to take too much on you, otherwise, you will get tired faster and there will be additional tasks popping up during the day. So just make sure that your list is working and being fulfilled. Do not be afraid to change it and move your tasks around according to your needs.

Do not spend too much time on putting things into the to-do list. Better devote this time to working on them.