Pieces of Advice on How to Make Notes

how to take notes in college


by Jerry

4 April 2017

If you are a student, you understand the necessity of making notes. It can seem to be a very easy task.Open your notebook and write, write, write… as a result, when we open these notes at home, we can find no beginning and no end. The information will be totally mixed.

For a long time, it was a great problem for me too. I was very attentive during a lecture, tried to note all important facts. After some days, I opened my copybook and understood that I couldn’t understand anything. Later, I have found a solution, and I am ready to share it with you.

Frankly speaking, I hate to carry a heavy bag with me. I decided to buy two thick notebooks for even and odd days. It saved my money and my time. I don’t need to buy 20 copybooks and look for a proper one the day before a lecture.
I organize the information in my notebooks. Post-it begins every section for every separate subject. It helps me to open the necessary one at once and to write lecture only in a proper place. At the beginning of every lecture, I write the theme. I do it using the pen of the other color. It makes every new theme eye-catching. When you didn’t hear the theme at the beginning of lecture, you can find it in the syllabus.

I make notes trying to separate categories and subcategories. Making spaces between them helps me later to find information easily. I don’t underlining key words or any other things.
I use the other color for writing examples or things connected with the home task.
As a result, I get accurate notes. I shouldn’t rack my brains trying to organize information in my copybook.

Computer notes
Of course, you should make some notes or save information for studying at your computer. There is a lot of material that you need to keep there. They can take up all space on your desktop, and you can’t find a necessary one.
I propose to organize them in a next way. At first, you should create a folder for your studying materials. In this folder make folders for every semester. Semester folders should include folders for every subject. Don’t be lazy to save information into a place related to the subject with a correct date or name.
The computer as every other machine can break down and you can lose all your documents. For avoiding losing your papers after a sudden fail, deprivation make an extra copy on another device or on a virtual private cloud.
I hope, you understood that making notes isn’t a difficult thing when you use the algorithm. Notes help you to revise materials quickly and easily. Your studying process can become more productive and better organized. Put your notes in order. It will make your student’s life easier.