Qualitative Courses on Video Game Development

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by Jerry

15 August 2017

Game Development Courses

It’s common knowledge that different video games appear almost every day. It means that this industry is constantly growing. More and more universities, as well as colleges, proceed with offering a great number of various programs on computer science, especially concerning video game development. We’ve found a few online and offline courses on game programming by taking part in which you will undoubtedly learn the most effective ways of creating terrific video games even from scratch.

Full Sail University

At this educational institution, you can take advantage of an opportunity to get a bachelor degree in game design. The main fields you need to concentrate on are: theory of design, practical design, design integration as well as storytelling. This program lasts for 32 months and involves focusing on historical facts about gaming, digital literacy, design and development from the analytical point of view, and finally two projects at the end.
As the final projects, students are supposed to develop their own working game. In addition, they will need to pass certain exams on topics that refer to video game design, prototyping, balancing of a game, and social interactions.

University of Texas, Austin

If you want to take part in the best program that can teach you computer science as well as a graduate program in video gaming or digital media, then the University of Texas would be the rightest choice for you. In accordance with Global Gaming, it is believed to be one of the most successful schools for those who specialize in video games. Frankly speaking, fine arts, computers science together with radio-television-film departments develop jointly this program. What is more, the University of Texas has been included in the list of top ten universities where computer science and radio-television-film departments are on the highest level. Actually, fine arts department has become an award-winner.

Sanford Brown College

The main aim of this college is to give the real experience for students. As a matter of fact, the form of it is bachelor degree in the production of video games. The college provides courses that can teach its students drawing techniques, digital reflection. Moreover, the best professors with huge game industry experience explain the peculiarities of a game production and its actual process. So, you can be sure that you will acquire a profound knowledge that will get you ready for a future career in this sphere. In order to become a member of the program, you need 37.5 months and $65,000.

Rochester Institute of Technology

The famous Rochester Institute of Technology gives you lots of opportunities in video game development among which getting a master as well as a bachelor degree in design, courses in game programming. Apart from that, students can try themselves in discovering digital entertainment technology and other related spheres of study.