Steps to Writing a Job-Winning Resume

Steps to Writing a Job-Winning Resume


by Susan

28 April 2017

Writing a resume can be a scary task for some people. But there are the ways to complete this important document successfully in no time!Just take the following steps:

  1. Write a Summary Statement. Your resume should begin with it. Keep in mind that it’s the first thing the recruiters see in your resume, so make it interesting and eye-catching. When you’re aiming at a specific job offer, use keywords and phrases from the job description. Your summary statement should be strong, but short and contain such information as your professional title, top skills, professional traits, experiences, and accomplishments.
  2. List Your Skills. Keep this section short, but make sure to include the most important information about your expertise. Here is what you can do to make the recruiters notice your resume:
  • Target the skills needed for this specific job. Your resume should be customized to the job description. First, read the description, see what skills are required, and enlist those you possess in your resume.
  • Don’t forget about transferable skills. Those are the skills that can be required in any career, such as the skills of public speaking, presentation, communication, foreign languages, planning, management, leadership, etc.
  • Utilize keywords. Pick them from the job description. It will give your resume much more chances to be noticed by the recruiters.
  1. Describe Your Work History. In this section, you have to discuss your accomplishments and direct experiences. It has to include:
  • The titles and positions you held at your previous jobs;
  • Names and locations of the organizations you used to work for;
  • Employment periods for each previous job;
  • Brief description of your responsibilities, experiences, achievements and successes at each previous job.

When you’re describing your duties and responsibilities, utilize action verbs to make your arguments stronger. The following verbs are communicated, negotiated, reported, initiated, customized, developed, prepared, led, provided, contributed, budgeted, etc. Tell how you increased the organization’s efficiency, how many sales you accomplished, etc.

  1. Develop Your Education Section. Briefly tell about your education and the courses you took in the past. Remember to state the highest level education in the first place. Include the following information into this section (adhere to the information order):
  • Degree or diploma;
  • Your major(s) and minors (if applicable to the job);
  • The year of receiving the diploma or the degree (if you’re still studying, it should be your expected year of graduation).

Emphasize this section if you’re a recent graduate and don’t have much work experience. List any college experience, even if you don’t have a degree in it. The associate degree, professional trainings and certificates will do as well.

Apply these tips, and your resume will certainly bring you the job of your dream!