The best countries to travel at 2018

the best countries to visit in 2018


by Susan

14 November 2017

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive and if you agree with that, we encourage you to read further and keep an eye on these awesome travel ideas which won’t cost you a fortune. Countries listed below are among the cheapest to travel, but it doesn’t mean that you will compromise on touristic experience while visiting them. All these places have outstanding sights and can give you unforgettable experiences. These cheapest places offer the unforgettable sights and the great experience. The possibility of budget travel grants the budget travel inspiration. Travel on a budget and forget about breaking your bank!

18 must-see countries in 2018

  1. Laos has a lot of unbelievable places to visit (old towns; karst mountains; Mekong archipelago with its friendly dolphins). Moreover, it is a very low-cost country. On average, a room in a guesthouse costs $10 a night. The food is inexpensive and tasty. To get to this beautiful country you should first go to neighboring Thailand.
  2. Mexico is a county with a profitable rate of exchange, so you can have a budget travel. Here are plenty of stunning beaches and canyons. You can even visit Mayan ruins located in the jungle! On average, a room costs $20 a night. You can find cheap food literally on every corner. Also, there are cheap cultural and culinary centers like Mexico City, Merida, and Oaxaca. Visit them and avoid big costly resorts.
  3. Nepal is a country of breathtaking mountains and unforgettable sunrises. Actually, you will be surrounded by the greatest peaks in the world. You should undoubtedly visit lots of temples, attend safaris and try kayaking. The room and food in the tea houses cost nearly $30 a day, so you would not spend much money. Moreover, you would not ever forget this country!

The beauty of Nepal

why you must go Nepal in 2018

  1. Indonesia is a small universe you should discover. There is everything to see: beaches, savannahs, rainforests and even active volcanoes! Explore the main islands, they are really fantastic. You should also visit Bali, famous for its beaches and unique culture.
  2. Portugal has many attractions too. Here are karst cliff beaches, old towns and the amazing archipelago of the Azores. Visit charming Lisbon and drink delicious coffee.
  3. Nicaragua starts to develop its tourism industry, so the prices are low. It attracts tourists by different adventure activities (surfing, climbing an active volcano, visiting colonial town of Granada, etc.)
  4. Morocco is a very budget place to visit. There are traditional hotels called iconic riads and backpacker hostels that offer cheap accommodation. You can camp under the whole universe in the middle of the desert – does it sounds great?
  5. Bolivia is the cheapest country in the South America. Here are the highest lake in the world and the amazing salt flats. At the same time, you get incredibly low prices.
  6. Georgia is a very beautiful country at the edge of Europe (in the Caucasus region). It offers lots of natural, cultural and culinary attractions. In Georgia is very cheap accommodation (even in the capital): you can pay $5 for dorm or $20 for a room.

Georgia – the main destination for low budget

why you should go to Georgia in 2018

  1. Some people say that Colombia is little South America because you can find Atlantic and Pacific coast, the start of the Andes and the Amazon rainforest. People in Colombia are very welcoming and their culture appealed to me greatly. Another cool thing about it is that currency exchange rate between EUR or USD and Colombian currency is really favorable now.
  2. The Balkans region definitely needs to be on the list. European tourists usually go to Italy, France or other popular destinations and overlook Balkans as an attractive tourist destination. Well, you can find some advantages here – the lower amount of tourist will probably grant you better experiences. The only place that I don’t recommend to visit in Balkan region is Dubrovnik and other nearby cities of Croatian coast as they’re becoming more and more expensive. All other places including Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania or Montenegro will be a good choice.
  3. A lot of people come to Cambodia to see the epic temple complex called Angkor Wat. Although this place is really striking, there are a lot more to see in this beautiful country. And what about beautiful islands, heavenly beaches, authentic rural villages and small atmospheric cities? They deserve your attention too.

Don’t loose your chance to visit Cambodia in 2018!

why you must go Cambodia in 2018

  1. Some people urge to see Cuba before it changes, meaning the future where there will be a lot of tourists from the US there. Well, we don’t know when that will happen, and chances are that we’re talking about far future. Anyway, there’s no reason not to visit this beautiful country as it is a great place for the fans of local experience. Vintage cars, tasty food, no internet access, salsa, sun, rum… what else could you ask for?
  2. Thailand. Of course, list of cheap places to travel should include Thailand. Yes, it’s popular but it’s also very picturesque budget-friendly. The further you get from commercial beaches, the cheaper and more beautiful it gets! You’ll see coastlines of outstanding beauty, drink and eat coconuts and other exotic fruits, get acquainted with Buddhist religion and beautiful temples and lose yourself in heavenly ecstasy. And their food…ah…
  3. Ukraine. While it may not be for everyone, personally I’ve liked it very much. Being one of the cheapest destinations in Europe it has the beautiful Carpathian Mountains in the west, the coastal city of Odessa and beautiful cities like Kiev, Lviv, and Chernivzi. Aside from great sights, you will find delicious food and beautiful women in this country. As for the conflict including Russian-backed separatists, it’s only happening in the remote region in the eastern part of the country, so as long as you don’t go there, this country is safe to visit.

Most of these countries are underrated. Be sure, they will excite you over and over again.