Raz believes the process of immigration is characterized by relativism. In other words, the same people would construct different interpersonal relations when they enter diverse communities. Therefore, the growing generation should be taught to be tolerant. At the same time, the newcomers, as well as their children, must be willing to assimilate with the society they entered. In practice, it means the necessity to tolerate, respect, and welcome the cultural traditions and attitudes of the native dwellers. This is a basic rule that an immigrant must remember if he/she wants to achieve success and get the decent niche in a new community. Nevertheless, Joseph Raz emphasizes that a multicultural society has certain issues and to avoid their deterioration an adequate measure should be considered. As a result, the scholar attributes the need to limit the notion of tolerance. Consider the case, “the limits of toleration are in denying communities the right to repress their own members, in discouraging intolerant attitudes to outsiders” (Scarlet, & Arthur, 2014). By this idea, Raz assumes that superior attitude towards ‘outsiders’ is a relevant and understandable treatment.

In terms of morality, this premise points to the lack of tolerance and acceptance. Furthermore, it educates to ignore the tendency of global integration and cultural interpenetration that is especially relevant in the contemporary world. Consequently, this trend suggests that a state either accepts the cultural assimilation or risks to remain isolated. Given that national identity of every citizen reflects general state’s policy, it is inappropriate to encourage intolerant attitude towards the immigrants.

On the other hand, the seriousness of the issue should not be neglected either. Illegal immigration is not ethical either in terms of law or morality. According to David Hanson (2010), by violating the law once, the illegal newcomers are doomed to proceed with the same civil behavior. What makes the things even worse is that with their bad example, the immigrants engage native dwellers to participate in illegal and/or immoral acts. For instance, Hanson presumes that “if a guest ignores the law should citizens also have the right to similarly pick and choose which statutes they find worthy of honoring and which are too bothersome?” (Hanson, 2010). The question is rhetorical; certainly, neither guests nor citizens have the right to violate the laws. Nevertheless, in terms of equity and fairness, the revealed idea is aimed to accentuate the necessity of changes. In practice, it means the need to reform the state’s immigration policy and, what is equally important, educate the citizens to maintain the set rules and laws. The solution proposed by Hanson sounds more reasonable and humane comparing with Raz’s idea; therefore, it is possible to deduce that Raz is not correct in his judgments.

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Even more humanistic and tolerant approach towards illegal immigrants is revealed by Bruce Weinstein. Specifically, Weinstein believes that in spite of being lawbreakers, illegal immigrants should be granted with relevant medical care (especially in urgent cases). This writer explains his point of view by underlining that the United States is proud of its worldwide popular brand name of a merciful caregiver (Weinstein, 2010). According to Weinstein, Americans identify themselves with this image, which is a strong unifying factor in terms of national identity.

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In conclusion, it is appropriate to state that Joseph Raz’s idea about inferior cultures is invalid and irrelevant. The adherents to his suggestion may lead to the creation of the society that is intolerant and thus would be tended to experience difficulties with building international interpersonal relations. In contrast to Raz, David Hanson reveals the necessity of immigration reform emphasizing that it should cover both legal and moral sides of the problem and be addressed on both state and national levels. Finally, Bruce Weinstein accentuates that the American brand image of compassion caregiver is important to be maintained for the prosperity and harmonious coexistence of all nations in the U. S. territory.

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