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A thesis paper is not just a rewritten thesis proposal. A thesis proposal usually resembles your understanding of the project’s main aim – a well-thought creative and practical plan for preparing your thesis. Thesis papers are usually written from the opposite perspectives; thus, such paper must always resemble what one learned during the whole writing process. Also, bear in mind that there is a huge difference between your thesis proposal and thesis paper. In the thesis paper, write about your conclusions regarding the central topic you aimed to research. Make sure you employ the detailed theoretical methodology while investigating this question, and present an explanation of how this experience may have an impact on your future projects. The thesis must consist of approximately 15 – 25 pages.  It must be written in a professional and consistent way and properly revised. Make sure you take much time on correcting the mistakes and flaws before final submission of your thesis paper. Do not perceive your thesis paper as a simple afterthought – it is a really vital component of many programs’ graduation guidelines.

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Any thesis paper must keep the following structure:


  • Briefly summarize your thesis paper in up to 10 sentences. Thesis abstract is, probably, the first basic description of your work, read by an external examiner. You should consider it as an opportunity to set exact expectations. The abstract often functions together with the thesis as a separate text.

Project description

  • Prepare a well-structured description of the topic you are exploring in the thesis project.
  • Explain the reasons why you chose some specific subject matter to explore and what led you to its completion. On which basis the representation of the subject matter was chosen by you?  Why was the particular media picked to research the topic?  Describe in a detailed way how your stylistic and structural decisions correlate with your study under analysis.

Research thesis analysis

  • Make your thesis project research more detailed and interesting for the audience. Include an explanation of how your research had an impact on your approach to the particular topic.
  • Post your thesis paper within the historical context of the chosen media you are working with.  Find out in which way your thesis correlates with an existing media work and literature, as well as how it contributes to the specific theories with which you are working.

Thesis production process

  • Try to concentrate on the thesis statement production process. It is much like preparing a thesis for research paper: thoroughly evaluate your aims, expectations and intentions of the project. While writing the thesis for a research paper your scope is usually more limited as compared to the thesis of a bigger paper. While writing a thesis statement for a big project, such as a thesis research paper, for example, you will need to show what you have already accomplished while conducting your research. Also, make sure you include all of the obstacles you had and how you managed to ultimately cope with all of them. Also, you may review the final benefits of those “mistakes” you did during the writing process, as they helped you to learn new things about this particular subject, and made you more professional in the chosen field of research.

Audience and exhibition

  • Include the intended audience to your thesis Paper, which you are aiming to reach.  If you assume that your thesis must promote public awareness and further heated discussion, think of how you will achieve this aim. What will be the plan for distributing and publicizing your work?
  • Learn about all possible legal issues that might have great influence on your ability to exhibit your thesis paper outside the program you are enrolled in.  In case your research thesis has any citations taken from copyrighted materials, implement your fair use rationale for adding these third-party elements into your piece of work.


  • Provide a well-formatted bibliography of no less than 25 books, peer-reviewed journals, articles, online sources, films, videos, as well as other research resources. Carefully follow the strict rules of formatting styles while preparing the bibliographic entries

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