Things You Need to Know About the Future of iPhone

iphone future in 2017


by Susan

3 July 2017

Apple’s iPhone was released almost ten years ago. Since it was first presented and until the release of the last model, it took the world by storm with its technical features, flawless design and just as a perfect embodiment of Steve Jobs’ genius. To find out what the future holds for the iPhone, Jefferson Graham from USA TODAY asked people, who attended the VidCon convention, what the foreseeable future of mobile devices may be.

The iPhone will turn 10 years old on the 29th of June. While it had a brilliant past, can we be so sure that its future will also be bright? Will the world still be in awe and call iPhone the best digital device in 3, 5 or 10 years?
Of course, Apple is ready to trade more than 200 million iPhones in 2017, but considering the pace with which technology is changing, it says nothing about the future of this device. We had VCRs and then they were replaced with DVDs, and sometime after, DVDs were replaced by Blue-ray discs. Things change really fast and now DVDs, iPods, tapes and 8-tracks are only a faint echo of the past. Who can guarantee that iPhone won’t face the same fate? Can we expect that instead of Android or iPhone we will have something completely different in 10 years?
Alex Kruglov, SmileTime’s live chat website CEO suggests that the following generation will use gadgets that will be the part of their bodies, while we will still utilize old types of technology. He goes on to say the following:

“Of course, old products are being replaced with the new ones at a very fast pace, but if we look at the telephone, we will see that it has been around for almost 150 years. It hasn’t gone away; on the contrary it is becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives.
The shape changed, the size changed, but it’s still a phone and we love it for what it does. So, for me, it’s difficult to believe that in 10 years or even in 20 years we will not be using smartphones or some kind of the next-generation futuristic smartphone, which will look like a glass screen. And if you’re asking me if the phone that we all love and cherish, the phone that generates 70% of all Apple’s incomes, will just perish, like iPod did, my answer is a definitive “No”.

What thoughts do other experts have? Gene Munster, CEO of Minneapolis’ Loup Ventures sees the future of iPhone as a wearable product that does all things that we love iPhone for: communication, taking and sharing photos, reading the web etc. He thinks that after a number of bad prototypes we will get a wearable device close to glasses or contacts that we will be able to interact with easily.

Ten years is not a long period, so very soon we will be able to see the future of the iPhone with our own eyes. Until then, all we can do is wonder.