Time-Saving Tips for College Students

Time-Saving Tips for College Students


by Alex

2 May 2017

Many articles are written on this topic, and most of them will advise you to stay away from TV, your phone and social media if you want to save time for studying.This article is different because we think all these bans are truly fun things. Instead, we will focus on the techniques that will help you save time without sacrificing activities that are really enjoyable in college.

Forget about multitasking

According to scientists, most people are productive when they are busy with only one task. The matter is that if the attention is switching very quickly, it is impossible to work effectively on several tasks. So, if you feel that multitasking is not your strong side, stop practicing it.

Do not waste time on drawers

Of course, your clothes will look nice if you store them in drawers. On the other hand, count how much time you spend every day to find the necessary items in the drawers. So, put your clothes on the shelves and save time on getting dressed.

Keep your room clean

If you constantly lose some items and then rush through your room searching for them, it is high time to clean up your room. If you develop a habit to put things at the same place, it will be impossible to lose them or spend precious minutes on searching for them.

Take rest

Tiredness is indeed a productivity killer. If you see that you are unproductive right now, it is better to take rest and complete your homework later. Also, do not force yourself into doing something if you are sleepy. Under such circumstances, you will hardly be able to do your duties effectively.

Set a limit on tedious tasks

If you postpone doing a task just because it is boring, set a time limit of 30 minutes on doing it and promise yourself a reward. Next, do something you enjoy within the same 30-minutes limit. Then, come back to your boring task, and so on.

Improve the way you are doing things

The reason of wasting time may be that you do not complete your everyday routines effectively. Figure out the duties that take a lot of time and improve the way you do them trying to finish the tasks quicker.

Get out of bed quickly

If it is hard for you to get out of bed, turn on motivational music that will provide you with the energy boost. Small workout in the morning will also make you more productive during the day.

If you feel that the day is too short for you to complete the tasks you have planned, try these time-saving tips and find some time for entertainment in college.