Excel never leaves its users indifferent: for some users it is an indispensable tool they cannot work without, while for others, it is tedious software that makes them mad. It is an extremely useful tool that allows convenient management of the data with corresponding reports and tables. Are you an Excel user who can only organize rows and columns? Do you try to avoid using this software as it is confusing? We have prepared some practical tips for you! This database tool will appear to be much easier to use for you if you follow our pieces of advice. You will even get some fun together with higher rates of productivity. If you have some questions about the functions of Excel, there is no need to start a new Google search — everything you need is in this article.

Copying data and quick movement in the cells

How can you copy the required data? Drag to move what you need after you have pressed CTRL. You will get a new column with all the information you have selected.

How to move data in the columns? Open a spreadsheet and select the column of data. After you have moved the pointer to the border, just drag to ensure that the column can move. Check whether the pointer looks like a crossed arrow icon; otherwise, the trick does not work.

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Making data vertical or horizontal

Find Transpose among the Paste Special options to choose whether your data should be set horizontally or vertically.

Generating unique values

Filter is a popular option for Excel users, but not many apply the option – Advanced Filter. It is useful if you should do filtering of specific values from the column. You can use it repeatedly. Select the column by clicking on it and choose the options Data>Advanced. You will see a pop-up window. Study the options in the 2nd red area of rectangular shape and choose ‘Copy to another location.’ Type the value to specify the location you need or just click to select the area. You can generate a unique age from Column C and then present it in Column E. Click ‘Ok’ after you have chosen ‘Unique records only.’ It can happen that a unique value in Column E is different from the original values from Column C. So, you have to copy the data to a different location.

Deleting double rows

If the data is duplicated in some rows, you can delete them. Just follow these steps:

  1. Choose the data range for de-duplication (you can choose all with Ctrl + A)
  2. Choose the options of the Data menu and click
  3. Choose the button ‘Remove Duplicates’and click
  4. Specify if you need a header row for the data range
  5. Hit OK

Eliminating available row/rows

Follow these procedures to remove the current row really fast:

  1. Shift + Space – for the selection the required rows
  2. Ctrl + – (minus) – for the deletion of the rows you have selected

Eliminating available column/columns

Follow these procedures to remove the current column really fast:

  1. Ctrl + Space – for section of the required columns
  2. Ctrl + – (minus) – for deleting the columns you have selected
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Numbers to Ranges Conversions

You should make a conversion out of columns with numbers. Typically, Excel users do that for the discretion of the ranges to create graphs and summarize the data in a more convenient manner. Still, it is a difficult procedure and a lot of them get confused. Is there an easier method? Try using a |VLOOKUP| formula. Mind the syntax: =VLOOKUP(lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, range_lookup).

So, what you have to do is to convert your numbers to ranges. You need to use the argument |range_lookup| and |TRUE| value. Excel gets an instruction to match the lookup value with an approximate precision. It is an advantageous feature for the users. You can use such measure as sales, number of items, revenues, population, or some other of this kind in Column A. Your task it to ensure the conversion of the mentioned measures to the ranges you need. Follow the below mentioned steps and do that easily:

  1. In Columns F and Column G, create a table, which includes the measures and corresponding discrete ranges
  2. =VLOOKUP(A2,F3:G8,2,1). This formula should be in Column 2.
  3. Copy the formula above downwards.

Dividing values by numbers

Your task is to use a constant number for dividing numerous cells. What you have to do is to type this constant number in a cell. Then, you have to copy the cell and decide on the range of the cells for division. After having selected the needed range of cells, you click on the appropriate button of your mouse, choose Paste Special, and hit Divide. The range of options in Paste Special options covers adding, multiplying, and subtracting. You will find the options of multiplying and dividing useful as they enable you to do quick conversion of percentages to numbers and vice versa.

Copying formulas. Copying values

Sometimes, you may find that you cannot make use of tip 2. There is a blank cell available between the end and starting cells in the range. It can be inconvenient for you to drag the formula far away, about 100 or even 1,000 rows down. Then you can try this trick:

  1. Decide on the first cell to copy. You can fill in others as well.
  2. Mention the address of the last cell you have in the range in the name box. There you will fill the formula and data. Hit Shift + Enter.
  3. Edit the formula in the first chosen cell with the help of F2
  4. Ctr + Enter

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Totaling a row or a column

Alt + = (equal to) helps you make a total of a row or a column in the last cell very quickly.

Using wild card for vague search

Ctrl + F is a valuable shortcut for speedy search activation.

You may be well aware how to start the speedy search by applying the shortcut, but there are also two main wild cards, namely Asterisk and Question Mark, which ensure the activation of vague searches in Excel spreadsheets. It is a handy option in case you are not confident about the result you expect. Asterisk stands for one or more characters, while Question Mark represents a single character only. Adding a Wave Line in front ensures that you can search for the target results with the help of Asterisk and Question Mark search.

Creating ranges with names

If the excel sheets contain numerous rows, it is inconvenient to click and select lengthy rows. In such a case, it is much easier to refer to specific names of the rows. You can assign names to the ranges in formulas really fast, following these steps:

  1. Choose the menu option Formulason the ribbon, click on it
  2. Choose the button Selection and click on Create
  3. Use the Top Row for selection of ranges you need to name. It is easy to find it as it is in the header

Navigate fast with the button combination Ctrl + Arrow

Jump to the sheet edge using a keyboard combination of buttons Ctrl + arrow in any direction. Buttons Ctrl + downward let you get to the data bottom line.

Hiding data

You can always hide the needed data as there is a function Hide in the available options. This trick is convenient only with a little amount of data. If you need to hide large volumes of data, you can use the function of Format Cells. After having chosen the needed area, you proceed to Home->Font->Open Format Cells->Number Tab->Custom->Type ;;; – After that you click OK and make the whole area of values invisible. You can see those data only using the option of preview (near the button Function).

Changing text case

We have given these tricks without any challenging formulas or complicated explanations. Still, the features of PROPER, LOWER, and UPPER are also the easiest to use, but the majority of excel users frequently forget about them. PROPER makes the first letter capitalized. LOWER changes the entire text to lower case. UPPER ensures the capitalization of all characters.

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Top Tricks of Excel Use in 2022

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