Taming Tardiness

Work tardiness is an unaccepted habit in this company. I happened to notice that once more you were late. It is an intolerable behavior since it has been your fourth time... Read More

Change Management

In an organization, structural change can be caused by numerous factors. One of them is acquisition. This is the process in which a corporation purchases most, if not all... Read More

The Most Popular Airlines in the USA – American Airlines

The commercial air carrier system in America is one of the most reliable and comfortable ones in the world. It concerns not only the passenger safety during the flight bu... Read More

The Airline Deregulation Act of 1978: Purposes and Consequences

Airline industry plays an important role in the development of any state. Due to air traffic, it is possible to transfer cargos for different purposes to any part of the ... Read More

Interview with Liu Yifei (William Morris Endeavor Agency)

Before going to Cannes Liu Yifei kindly agreed to see me at her hotel. I notified her that I was doing a term project for my Mass Media and Society class and I would like... Read More

The UAE Food Prices

Food is any substance ingested to nourish human bodies. There are different types of products, which can be eaten raw or cooked. Food prices are the cost required to purc... Read More

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