Where Can You Find the Best Discounts Being a Student

Where Can You Find the Best Discounts Being a Student


by Susan

25 April 2017

When it comes to different offers and discounts, I doubt that anyone would refuse one. Being a student means you can get a discount even more often.Consider the following list of websites, where you can find the information concerning the amount of money off on your purchases. A wide variety of retailers and shops are ready to make discounts for students. So, let’s get the ball rolling.

1. UniDays
In order to access various discounts of this online discount website, you need to be either a college or university student and complete a free sign-up form online. UniDays offers you an opportunity to get £0.50 extra for every invited friend with its ‘Share and Earn’ scheme. Speaking of the discounts, it provides 10% off at ASOS, as well as 15% off chosen Apple Mac goods. Due to its own blog, the website is also useful for those, who need advice on fashion or cooking.

2. Save the student
This is an easy-to-use website where you are welcome to look for the best discounts and offers on your purchases. Besides, the website gives the information related to various themes, such as banking, budgeting, phone deals, etc. In other words, it comprises all the content that is vital to know for every student.
The best thing about the website is that it can be accessed by anyone. Thus, everyone can easily access all of the discounts. The best current deals that can be found on the website are a free burger at Ed’s diner, a free Krispy Kreme donut, and two burgers for £10 at Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

3. Student Money Saver
This great online student platform provides awesome student-based content from discounts to advice. The website is open, but some discounts are exclusive to SMS. Thus, it is sometimes needed to verify that you are a student. There is always an up-to-date list of top 20 that helps you find the best discounts available a way faster. Be assured that you will always be informed concerning regular updates.

4. NUS extra card
This is an official NUS card that provides countless offers. Believe it or not, a student can save about £100 throughout university or college years. Even though you have to pay £12 for a year’s membership, it is worth it, considering the discounts it offers. Moreover, there is an available app both on Android and on iPhone. This way, you always know about the future discounts. The perks of using a NUS card are obvious considering the best deals, such as 25% off National Express or 50% off Spotify Premiumr.

I sincerely hope this list will come handy for every student in terms of getting the best deals and discounts available. Don’t miss the chance of getting some awesome bargains.