Discussion Board Post Writing

When you are a student in an online course or program, it certainly takes all your time. In most cases, you will not have too many opportunities to interact with your classmates and the supervisor. However, the instructors for these online courses simply love to engage their students in group discussions. This is why discussion board posts are becoming more popular in online learning.

6 Recommendations to Produce a Perfect Discussion Board Post

The truth about this kind of activity is that it is difficult to stand out. You must be particularly creative and academically prepared to produce an outstanding discussion board post. Below, you will find six recommendations for making you a perfect writer of discussion board posts. You will be able to make a point and persuade your fellow students to support it.

Homework and Course Readings

You cannot produce a memorable discussion board post without using course readings. You must review all readings that were assigned by the professor before you even start to write. Most discussion board posts are focused on the analysis of some theory or concept. You cannot reasonably contribute to such discussions without learning these concepts first. A good discussion post will bring together theory and practice. You may want to use your experiences or cite examples to illustrate your point. The whole thing about writing a discussion board is that it must add value and contribute to the conversation with your fellow students and the supervisor.

Do not Be Afraid of Challenges

The best discussion board post will challenge conventional beliefs about ordinary things. Make a challenging statement, and your fellow students will want to respond to your post. However, do not forget to cite evidence from reliable sources. Also, whenever you use evidence, do not forget to cite the original source. Stay within the boundaries of the discussion topic. Do not invent anything. Your ideas must be framed around the core issues set to be discussed in your course or program. Follow the rubric for your discussion board post to earn the highest grade.

Relevance Is Everything

You will never contribute to an online discussion is the content of your post is irrelevant. Therefore, it is important to review the subject of the discussion. You may also want to see what your peers have posted. Rely on your professional experience and expertise. How does the topic or issue discussed this week relate to your career, profession, future goals, or past experiences? Do you have anything special to share with your classmates? Use the concepts and theories discussed in course readings to substantiate your discussion.

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Share Something New and Unique

You will never earn good points for your discussion board post if you simply repeat what others have written or said. Uniqueness is everything. You must bring something new and memorable to the table. You must make your fellow students look at the problem from a new angle. Follow the requirements for your discussion board post but make an extra step to make it perfect. For example, do some external research and add some new sources to support your discussion. Write as if you want your fellow students to learn something new from you.

Check Grammar and Spelling

You may want to use your text editor to check the grammar and spelling of your discussion board post. Sometimes, Google applications may be suitable for this task. Sometimes, MS Word can be enough to produce a perfect response. Make sure that you use a program with which you are familiar. Check every word and sentence to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Leave Some Space for Questions

It does not end the moment you publish your post. You will need to follow your classmates and provide timely answers to their questions. You will also have to monitor what your peers say and respond to their posts. Do not leave the conversation before it is over. Stay, monitor the progress, and participate. Learn from your mistakes. Add new knowledge. Become a better writer and publisher today.

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