Essay Format

Each academic paper is written in a particular reference style and has a specific essay format. The most popular styles are MLA, APA, Harvard, MHRA, etc. When you have to write a work for a certain educational establishment, make sure that you know which referencing system it uses. When you get an assignment, your professor will indicate which one of the above-mentioned essay formats you should apply. However, it may happen that your teacher will ask you to use another style. In this case, he/she will provide you with all the necessary instructions. By the way, if you need some additional information on this issue, you may always browse the Internet. Before using online sources, you have to be sure of their reliability. It is not a secret that every student wants to get the highest grade for his/her paper. In order to achieve success, you should pay attention to the following information.

The most popular essay formats

The APA essay format is commonly used to cite sources. When you make a reference to a certain publication, you should put information about it in brackets. Thus, you have to mention the author, publication date and the page you are using. For example, Bacon’s idea of “interpretation” to nature was highly original (Serjeantson, 2014, pp.681-705). You should remember that reference goes at the end of the sentence. A period is put after it only. According to the peculiarities of this essay format, all used sources should go in alphabetical order taking the last name of every author into account. Therefore, each referenced item should contain the following data: the last name of the author, his/her first initials, publication date, the title of a particular book, the publication location and the publisher. By the way, the date of publishing has to be put in brackets. For instance, John, B. (1996). Reading the ground: The poetry of Thomas Kinsella. Washington D.C.: Catholic University of America Press. Moreover, you should also pay attention to the punctuation.

Your paper must be well-formatted, in case you want to receive the highest grades. If you have already prepared it but not sure about grammar – leave it for us!

How to prepare paper in MLA format

When you have to organize your paper in compliance with the MLA essay format requirements, you should know all its details. Each source you reference within your paper has to be taken in brackets. Besides, it should be linked with the full-length citation presented in the bibliography list. In brackets, you should mention the author’s last name and numbers of pages from which you get the material. Take a look at this item: In particular, Carson’s concern with surveillance goes beyond anything in the de Certeau essay. (de Certeau 51-60).

If you prepare a work in MLA essay format, you should keep in mind the following:

If you use the quotation from a few works of the same author, then it is necessary to put in brackets the shortened title of the publication. (Kerrigan, Hidden Ireland, 76). All publications listed in the bibliography should be set in alphabetical order, considering the author’s last name. Do not forget to mention: the full name of the author, the title of the used book, publication place, the publisher and date. For example, MacNeice, Louis. A Study. London: Faber and Faber, 1988. Do not forget that you have to put the punctuation marks correctly.

One more style that is widely used for writing papers is Harvard. In order to prepare a work in a proper essay format, you should meet all the requirements. Every reference should include the author’s family name and the publication date. The page of used sources should have the title – “Reference List”. Then, everything is done as in APA style. If you are to produce a work in such academic essay format as MHRA, you should not put the references made in the essay in brackets. You have to use numbers linked to footnotes which contain an explicit reference to the book.

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